The Legs of Your Wife, For His Excellency, Sweden’s Ambassador to Greece

The legs of your wife
Are a fact of life
From which as we chat
I avert my eyes
They walk by themselves
In my room at night,
Sit crossed at the knee
And worry me.  They
Know what I’m thinking.
Few things are quite as
Bright as the legs of
Your wife.  However
They are not always
Perfectly shaven.
One hears a faint but
Scratch when she rubs them
Together.  These marks
On my face are not
From the legs of your
Wife.  Recently I
Ran into the legs
Of your wife perched on
A barstool, tightly
Crossed at the thigh, and
Said hi to each in-
They pretended not
To know me.  Maybe
Someone was watching.
I don’t always know
What the legs of your
Wife are thinking.  Still,
I must confide to
You my growing and
That the legs of your
Wife are in love with
One another.  I
Am excluded.  We
Form a romantic
Triangle, me and
The legs of your wife.