The Cad—the movie

Good-for-nothing tour guide Toby, the guardian angel to a group of travelers in Greece, has a love affair that threatens to make a solid citizen of him. Based on the novel:
Lazy pleasure-loving Toby has skipped before to winter with clients: now his boss has his passport, and if anything goes wrong will turn it over to the work-permit police.
But everything goes wrong. Fred and Felicia's marriage is crumbling, and while Toby plays therapist to them she's footsying him.
Hopelessly uninformed about the ancient sites, he is publicly humiliated by the antiAmerican Professor Smeed, of Oxford.  
Teenage Bonnie, the daughter of an arms dealer who has money in the tour company, crawls into bed with Toby and he, with all the tenderness he can manage, throws her out
—and her Aunt Sinolda watches him.
They coincide with a tour led by Swedish Swan, his former squeeze. Fred falls off an amphitheatre and, liberated from memory and marriage, turns joyfully toward Swan.  
She's interested in Mr Mishima, a Japanese businessman whom acupuncture has left with a permanent and humiliating erection, which embarrasses him into a more or less constant bow.
Princeton Professor Elaine pries herself out of an embarrassing liaison with a beach boy (who is anyway more interested in Bonnie)—
—and moves in with Toby. And the love affair between an intellectual and a ne'er-do-well stretches him toward seriousness, her toward romance, and both toward marriage. A sophisticated tone, in comic soup. 

The Cad is part of the Toby series:
Pretentious Pictures presents a summer comedy. 

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