CHOCOLATE AND CHAMPAGNE, A Comedy with a Dark Center

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An Athens woman wakes up middle-aged and finds her life with a younger man undignified.
The stage version was performed in New York at the Creative Place Theatre.  Think of...
...only this is her movie, and she gets the younger guy.
Diana, a woman of a certain age, deals with a birthday by throwing out her younger live-in Jim.

They're right for each other, and she regrets it immediately, but she can't take him back: her daughter Jackie, who idolizes and competes with her, tells her Jim has seduced her, and Diana believes it.
So she makes do with the respectable but empty new life she'd thought she needed—with older lawyer Griff.
Jim gives a driving lesson to frantic neurotic Betsy, who almost shoots them off a cliff.  He calms her down and she takes him home. But he can't forget Diana.

Proposed cast: Sophie Papadopoulos (Diana)

DIANA, the Hamlet at the heart of this comedy, is a clothes designer with a boutique, a house in Filothei, and a younger lover, Jim, her kept man for two years now. There’s nothing she can’t handle—except getting older.

Proposed cast: Yorgos Karamihosreel (Jim)
JIM is happy with a champagne-and-sports-car life, but he’s also a talented script-writer who’s postponing seriousness into a future that never comes.  Together they’re fast company.  They must have been brilliant at her birthday party last night.

This morning, though, even while he’s making love to her, she’s spooked.  She tells him he has to go.  She wants something more presentable, more—respectable—before it’s too late.

Which shocks him.  He takes life as it comes, but this is a bit violent.

Proposed cast: Athina Pappareel (Betsy) 
BETSY, the suicidal widow of a husband she drove to suicide, is too scattered to pass a driving test, takes a lesson with Jim, spins the car onto a cliff and is ready to gun it and take him with her.

Proposed cast: Sean James Suttonreel (Griff) 
Diana's lawyer GRIFF, more her age and on her success level, has been in love with her for years.  Now’s his chance.  When Jackie tells Diana the lie that Jim has seduced her Diana gives up on Jim and tries to make a go of it with Griff.

Proposed cast: Fiona Georgiadi, reel (Jackie) 
JACKIE, Diana’s daughter, idolizes her and so misses no chance to pick at and defy her.  Inwardly shaky, she is outwardly impish and sexy.  She thinks she’s in love with Jim; in fact what she needs is a father.

Proposed cast: Simeon Oakesreel (Dylan) 
Betsy's son DYLAN—eccentric hair, psychotic eyes, twitches constantly and rhythmically as if keeping time to music he doesn’t much enjoy—is in the same college class with Jackie, over whom he moans uncontrollably.  He disgusts her.

Proposed cast: Pepi Moschovakoureel (Maria) 
MARIA, Diana's housekeeper, is the deadpan foil to Diana's Hamlet, secret ally to Jim, and the one person Diana doesn't dare defy.

Proposed cast: Rea Karayanidoureel (Gwen)
GWEN is Diana's mischievous best friend and alter-ego.  She'll take Jim if Diana doesn't want him!  Just kidding.  In an attempt to bring them back together she throws a party and invites both of them, but it turns into a confrontation....

And the final character is Athens— 
—the tone, the climate and ambiance that make it inevitable for these people to collide.
The stage version of Chocolate and Champagne was produced by Love Creek  at the Creative Place Theatre in New York.
Pretentious Pictures presents a comedy with a dark center.
Reg’d © Library of Congress

The New Age Blues (a song I'm working on)

Well my baby got back just the other day.
I said, “I didn’t realize you’d been away.”
She said, “I been hangin’ out in Santa Fe.”

I moved to make some room for her in bed,
And her blank stare made me wonder what I’d said.
She said, “I’m New Age now and I meditate instead.”

I got the New Age blues, and I’m as blue as I can be.
I got a cork-and-iron-lined WC,
And I’m eliminatin’ my impurity.

So I called her up and asked her, why did she go?
And she told me her New Mexico amigo
Prescribed a rice and water diet for my ego.

Well, I’m doin’ all I can to quash the rumor,
Spread by geriatric baby boomers,
That New Age people have no sense of humor.

I got the New Age blues, etc.

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