The Light Touch, a Woody-Allen-style comedy amid the beauties of Athens.

"A pickpocket falls in love with a pianist who leads her on a chase through the city, with the police right behind them." (Photos on IMDb.)

Sexy puckish pickpocket Becky, a Bugs Bunny of a girl (Tess Spentzosreel) 
—is teasing a wallet out of a purse on an Athens metro when she notices Miranda, a sensitive beauty out of "The Princess and the Pea" (Skyrah Archerreel), and falls in love. Miranda escapes her, Becky escapes the purse-owner, and the chase is on.
Oops, Becky steals the wallet of a policeman on vacation, her Elmer Fudd, and he’s obsessed with catching her. “My name is Wesley Stankovitch! I don’t care if it doesn’t sound British, I am a police detective with New Scotland Yard—No! I’m on vacation! My pocket has just been picked and I have a photograph of the culprit! Now can I have some men over here!” Duncan Skinnerreel.
They send him a policewomanDespina Miroureel
whose captain, Georgia Siakavarareel, distrusts her, especially when she gets pregnant on the job.
Becky’s father, Mihail Anthis, reel.
Becky's psychiatrist, Sophie Papadopoulos.
Miranda’s mother, Antonia Bogdanovich.
Miranda’s music professor, Ian Robertson, reel.
Miranda's priest and substitute father, Christos Sougaris.
Rich German tourist, Adrian Frielingreel.
Lady with a purse, Sofia Mantzakoureel.
Our first scene winks at the opening of Samuel Fuller’s masterpiece Pickup On South Street. 
But let’s get back to ours. Director: Robert MacLean
Executive Producer: Claudio Castravelli
Producer: Ioanna Kiourti
Cinematographer: Panos Golfis
Grip: Georgios Sideris
Film editor: Apostolos Tsitsonis
Continuity: Stella Aggelidou
Make-up: Maro Kokkoni
Executive producer: Angelika Lialios
Music: Kanaris Keramaris, original score,
plus the Muchatrela Band,
the Antonis Arfanis Trio,
Jusu Foli,
and Frédéric Chopin.