Five movies

Pretentious Pictures Presents
A Slate of Five Feature-Length Movies
To Be Cross-Collateralized
With a Total Budget of Two million Dollars
Project status:               In financing
Genres:                         Romantic Comedy / Black Comedy / Romantic Thriller
Running time:                100 minutes each
Start date:                     Summer 2017
Format:                         HD
Location:                      Greece; potentially international
Language:                     English
Co-production:             Canada + partners
Producer:                      Pretentious Pictures
Exec. Producers:           Claudio Castravelli
                                    Marc Jacobson                      
Budget:                         $2,000,000
Finance plan:                25%-35% with tax credits, depending on jurisdiction
30% gap financing
Writer/director:             Robert MacLean       
Production manager:     George Kalomenopoulos
Sales company:            SolidMovies (Pas de deux)
Markets:                       1) The Woody Allen demographic—older, educated, intellectual.
2) Women, especially feminists.
3) Gay and Lesbian.
4) Arthouse: Welcome to New York, Nymphomaniac, Dogville.
5) Kinky: Fifty Shades of Grey.

Five films
“The modern Don Juan is a woman in disguise—both a womanizer and a manizer—and on trial for her life.”
Starring Amanda Plummer—Stealing a scene from Robin Williams, First date, Every motherfucking last one of you.

A romantic thriller and a black comedy about a mother's sin, a boy with a fatal kiss, and the women who need it.
A very nice woman, on vacation at a beach hotel, meets a very bad woman, a singer who looks just like her—in fact they’re played by the same actress—and is determined to seduce Ms. Nice’s husband. In her nightclub act the singer impersonates Lucy, Marilyn, Liz, Marlene, Kim, Bette, Joan and Vivien.
A lesbian pickpocket falls in love with a pianist who leads her on a chase through Athens, with the police right behind them.

A comic and romantic thriller after Buñuel, on an island where a beautiful tourist is held prisoner by a sadistic ogre.

Director’s statement
These are low-budget movies that will take us to the festivals and, for their lives, and may they be long, give us a return on our investment of cash, work, and time.

My aim as a director? Laughter, a few moments of charm, and some money, especially for my investors, so I can keep making movies.

Our cinematographer, Dimitris Koukas, shoots commercials, works for a sports network, and is the director of photography on Bunny Poo Salad.
We’ll use a Canon 5D and shoot at fifty frames per second to avoid flicker when we pan. (Our outdoor scenes are action and panning.) For the exteriors, and especially on the archaeological sites, we'll use the tiny GoPro Hero 4 Session, a camera as small as the light on a miner’s helmet; and drones. Dimi uses them in TV to cover football (i.e. soccer) games, and they give wonderful production values.
Amanda Plummer          Stealing a scene from Robin Williams,

Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark

Duncan Skinner
The superbly funny Duncan Skinner stars in his own web series.

Tom Malloy      

MariaCristina Heller      
Kassandra Voyagis      
Kassandra comes from an acting family, has done films and TV in the US, Italy and Greece, and co-starred with Timothy Dalton in the mini-series Cleopatra.

Katarina Morhacova     

Despina Mirou     
Despina has a broad experience both in Greece and the US and studied acting with Al Pacino, who chose her among the three of his students most likely to become stars.

Antigone Kouloukakos
Antigone does TV work in Rome and Athens and is currently starring in Garcia Lorca's play La Casa de Bernarda Alba.
Joe Hitchen, aka Joe E. Legend

Fiona Georgiadi
                                    Fiona studied in New York at the Actors Studio; works in Greek TV.

Skyrah Palli                  

Laura Mamakos           

Jane Badler     
Image result for Jane Badler

Albert de Jongh

More actors we work with can be seen at

Distributor Kees Kasander, who produces Peter Greenaway's films, and worked with Amanda in 8 ½ Women:
Dear Bob,
Just to let you know that I really like Amanda and that she will be great as Don Juan in your film.
Please let me see the film when you finished the rough cut.
Best wishes and good luck with your film.
Kees Kasander
Cinatura UK Ltd.

Alexander Spentzos of Spentzos Film distribution,
Dear Bob,
Thanks for showing me “The Trial of Don Juan”. This is not an ordinary script. I see a fast, funny, subtle but minimal movie coming out of this. And it’s on a timely subject.
There are a lot of films out there, I know, but most of them are real dumb. They keep the kids who review festival submissions in a constant state of pain.
But this is literate and sexy, and I see five ready markets:
1) The Woody Allen demographic—older, educated, intellectual.
2) Women, including as a sub-group, Feminists;
3) Gay and Lesbian;
4) Kinky—the Fifty Shades of Grey audience;
5) Art-house—the Welcome to New York, Nymphomaniac, Dogville audience.
I’m saying this because we at Spentzos Film want first look at the first cut. Please let us know how this is going.
Yours sincerely,
Alexander Spentzos
A note for co-producers

We need two million dollars to make these films, whether in equity; or through a co-production (and the addition of cast and/or cinematographer from the co-producer's country); through extra stars; through pre-sales (for example from VoD or other pay-TV platforms); or from territories like specific countries where the films can easily be sold—the UK, Ireland, etc. We're flexible.

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