Pretentious Pictures Presents:

City of masks
A venetian thriller
A playboy accused of murder disguises himself and leads the police on a chase through Venice.

When Philip’s mistress the Contessa Antonia falls to her death and leaves him money, the police find that his former mistress had done the same—



—and Philip escapes over the rooftops through the Venice labyrinth, changing disguises as fast as he changes protectors.

Proposed: Colin Firth
PHILIP FANCHESTER is by profession a lady’s gentleman—and he is a gentleman, despite all the challenges. He has more fun than he perhaps should but it looks good on him.

Someone, he realizes, did kill Antonia, and is now trying to kill the rich American lady who’s taken him in—and who plans to marry him to her virginal niece.

Proposed: Tamsin Egerton
AUDREY is shy, romantic, protected, intellectual, emotionally a bit of a waif but a perfect lady. Her aunt Mrs Clark betroths her to Philip almost on a whim.

Proposed: Kathy Bates
American and imperious MRS CLARK, robust rather than elegant, takes Philip in when she should turn him over to the police, follows her instinct and trusts him implicitly.

Proposed: Mãdãlina Ghenea
GABY, Contessa Antonia's teenage maid, adores Philip, misses no chance to tease him, helps him escape—and does murder.

Proposed: Nick Moran
Father TOMASSO, a man of perfect integrity, hides his old friend against the advice of his fellow priest, who fears that his love for Philip is not entirely Christian.

Proposed: MariaCristina Heller
ANGELA, beautiful, superficial, much too rich but utterly charming, typifies Philip's old circle and hopes he murdered his mistress so he could be with her“Angela, darling, anybody can be with you.”

Caught between the police and the murderer, between a crooked lawyer and a gay priest, between women who love and betray him, Philip slips, tears, swims, sails, jumps, races, hide-and-seeks through Venice—his co-star—to the final masquerade.
And the seventh character is VENICE, the only place this story could happen.
Pretentious Pictures presents 
a Venetian thriller.
Reg’d © Library of Congress

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