Masquerade, A Romantic Thriller

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A secretary is left holding the bag when her boss absconds with the company funds—and then tries to have her killed.

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Adelaide Clemens (attached)
Faye Fletcher is a bored secretary to whom nothing ever happens—till her boss sets her up in Paris to manage the office of his "new company," and she winds up in the Seine.
The police don’t buy that, and she must find him or face jail.  She tracks him to a rendezvous at an island hotel with the man who is to launder the money, a master thief who steals her heart—finds herself in a den of thieves and must fend off attempts on her life by becoming a killer herself.
Her innocence is far behind her now and there's no going back.

Proposed cast: David Tennant
Barnaby Barnes is the likeable cosmopolitan drunk who helps her get rid of the bodies.  Funny, generous, brilliant but half-unconscious, he’s the warmest of the men she finds there.  If only he weren’t such a fool!

Proposed cast: Ben Chaplin
Handsome Keith Marlowe is a player in that world, an arranger of under-the-table deals and just the kind of James Bond she needs.  She loves him.  Can she trust him?

Proposed cast: Elias Koteas
Her boss Mr. Jonson—attractive, commanding, independent—is setting her up in a Paris apartment.  He says he wants her to field the calls there for his new company but she thinks he’s establishing her as his mistress—until two thugs drug her and throw her off a bridge.

Proposed cast: Anna Friel
Beautiful but cold Ms Dekker is the disappointed lover of Jonson, and then of Marlowe, and the hired assassin who has Faye thrown into the Seine and tries to murder her in her bath.

Proposed cast: Brenda Blethyn
Tiny Beaumont Island in the eastern Mediterranean is where people meet who don’t want to be seen. Former movie star Madame Beaumont has converted her house there to a hotel and is used to playing hostess to shady people.  She takes Faye under her wing—not that it helps.

Glasgow, Paris, Geneva, a Mediterranian island.

Pretentious Pictures presents a thriller with a light touch.
Reg’d © Library of Congress

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