Ain't It Awful: A Toby Movie

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A comedy on a Greek island, based on the Toby books:
“A very, very funny book."—The West Coast Review of Books
“Fresh and spirited.”—Publishers Weekly
“Enormously enjoyable.”—Kirkus Reviews
“A complete success.”—Books in Canada
“A delightfully comic creation.”—The Montreal Gazette
“Funny, ebullient comedy of errors.”—Santa Cruz Sentinal
“The feel of a Peter Sellers movie.”—Wichita Eagle-Beacon
“Fast-moving and funny.”—Anniston Star
“The most hilarious book I have ever read.”—Goodreads
“Physical comedy sequences on par with the best of Chaplin and Keaton.”—Amazon
“Could bode well for his future.”—The New York Times

Set on Hydra:
Handsome lazy worthless Toby travels with sweet rich bubble-head Marcie (Victoria Pratt, reel), who adores him and gives him whatever he wants.
Trouble is, her nine-year-old daughter Andrea is smarter than both of them put together.
She likes to perform experiments on small animalsand on him.
Her grandfather, Marcie’s father-in-law, Hazelton Turnbull "Hard-Turd" Harding the Fourth, a mega-buck bully, controls the purse strings, loathes giving Marcie her allowance—and loathes Toby.
Andrea regards Toby and his friend Toad (Corin Nemec, reel) as A-words"I'm not allowed to say asshole"and would have got rid of Toby long ago, but she sees that her mommy loves him, and she loves her mommy. And her gwampa loves her. She's where the power lies.
Toad's eighteen-year-old wife Darleen (Fiona Georgiadi, reel) likes climbing in Toby’s window.
Haze has come to the island to shoot a commercial for his new shampoo, and his mistress Gardenia (Antigone Kouloukakos, reelis after Toby.
When Tremula (Despina Mirou, reel), the actress in the commercial Haze is shooting, meets Toby she has an orgasm on the spot. Very expressive.
Grizelda, a chambermaid at the Ritz in Paris (Louiza Zouzias, reel), claims Toby made her pregnant. He rejects her because she’s fat, and she makes attempts on his life.
Tremula's extensively tattooed bodyguard / boyfriend Bonejay (Adrian Frieling, reel) has it in for Toby, and steals Haze’s shampoo formula. Andrea electrocutes him in the bath.

Proposed: Jacqueline Bisset
The Woman of a Certain Age doesn’t even exist. She’s a nightmare Marcie has about somebody stealing Toby.
Pretentious Pictures presents a summer comedy.
Reg’d © Library of Congress

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