LINDA, A Highly Successful Call Girl

A Hong Kong lady of the evening with dignity and business sense is superior to her circumstances.
Linda is so beautiful, so refined, so aloof that her clients fall in love with her.

She's making a pile with American businessmen—who introduce her to the Chief Executive—who falls for her too.

Her passion for independence only inflames him—he wants to marry her, have children!—they all do, but she is resolutely herself.

Professional cool is the secret of her success, and the allure that enslaves powerful men.

Cops, pimps, hookers, judges, prison guards, psychiatrists, politicians—there isn’t much she can’t deal with.

And when the Chief Executive introduces her to the American President…

Proposed cast: Bingbing Fan (Linda)

LINDA is a call girl, a businesswoman and an independent spirit.  Presidents fall in love with her, though she’s not that interested, and she winds up in the Oval Office advising one of them.

Proposed cast: Peter Sarsgaard (Barry)
BARRY is the American  junior executive who’s in love with her.  He will do anything to have her, and ultimately kills for her, which finally gets her attention.

An actor who specializes in playing  Sir Donald:

An actress who does a good Pau Siu-Mei:

Proposed cast: Timothy Watters ("the former American President")

Proposed cast: Teresa Barnwell ("the American Secretary of State")
Proposed cast: Gerardo Puisseaux ("the President")

A Pretentious Pictures production of a dry comedy.  

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