The Courier, a comic thriller

Reg’d © Library of Congress
A courier delivers messages of love and death, and takes a hand in who gets what.
A beautiful boy who works for an Athens courier service
carries love letters between an arms dealer and his wife, who falls in love with the courier.
He’s the British Ambassador’s nephew, and when he dresses as a girl at an embassy party the arms dealer falls in love with—“her”.
And he’s the courier between Korean generals with the design plans of American bunkers; between Peruvians shipping cocaine to London by diplomatic pouch
between Arabs with plutonium capsules for the small nuclear bombs the arms dealer sells them—
—all while shifting genders to keep the infatuation alive that will reunite husband and wife.
Pursued by the CIA, morally-loaded material in the document box on his motorcycle, he heads to a rendezvous with a mushroom-cloud climax.
Reg’d © Library of Congress

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