To an angel for my film I will deliver the world—

—the world audience, and all that comes with it.

It doesn’t take a wheelbarrow of money. Kiss of Death is a romantic thriller so original, and so attuned to the Twilight market of women and teenage girls, that the return on its tiny budget will be a joy.

Here are a brief overview and an investment strategy. The script, the business plan and a slide show are available on request, and below my smiling face is the way I present myself. I’m in Greece, and my contact details are at the bottom of this page. Call me up and let’s chat.
Robert MacLean was born in Toronto, has a PhD from McGill, taught at Canadian universities till he could no longer stand the cold, lives in Greece, is an Irish citizen and has a London company.

His films win awards. His books are ‘laugh-out-loud tears-in-your-eyes funny,’ to quote a typical review. His plays are performed and published in New York and LA; his stories, poems and articles appear in British, American, Canadian and Japanese magazines; and a book of his essays came out in New York and The Hague. Teaching film at McGill, the University of Western Ontario, the University of Ottawa and the American College of Greece is something he has enjoyed beyond measure. He gives comic poetry readings on both sides of the Atlantic, produces the web series Bunny Poo Salad and presented documentary The Seven Sages of Antiquity.

His short film, having made its fortune, has had seven thousand views on YouTube. His blog The Devil’s Pleasure Garden has had a hundred and sixty thousand views; his Google+ page, a million and a half.


He couldn’t always pick up his awards in person so he sent this video instead.

Romantic comedy Emma Blue stars Costas Mandylor as the Devil in love, won the awards listed below and is in post-production in New York.  Here's a trailer.

Festivals & screenings:

Invited to Shanghai International
European Independent, Paris
Beijing International
Strasbourg International
Honolulu International: Silver Lei Award “For Excellence in Filmmaking"
Heart of England International: Best International Feature Film; nominated for Best Feature
ReelHeART International, Toronto
Philadelphia Independent
Atlanta Underground Best Foreign Comedy Feature
International Film Festival Ireland, nominated for Best International Feature
Cyprus International Film Festival
Maverick Movie Awards, nominated for Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor
Cannes Independent, standing ovation

Seven-minute comedy The Moment of Accepting Life was bought by HBO, Cinemax, British, French, Italian and Japanese TV.  It's had five thousand views on YouTube and is still making money.

Festivals & screenings:

British Producers Association Industry Preview, London, with Captain Corelli’s Mandolin 
London-Soho Festival
Palm Springs Festival
Sacramento Festival
Montreal World Festival, nominated for first prize
LA Shorts
Chicago International, nominated for a Golden Hugo
New York, Queens Museum of Art Indep Film and Video Series
New York, Shorts International
Derry, Northern Ireland, Foyle Film Festival
Austin, Texas, opened with The Royal Tenenbaums
Sarasota Festival
Mumbai Festival, "Best First Film by a Director," prize $2000
Sedona International
Kent International
Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester
Nickel Festival, Newfoundland
Kinofilm, Manchester
Dallas Long on Shorts, "Festival Co-Directors Best Film Award"
Mercury Short Film Festival, Las Vegas



Steel Man—"A woman, her robot (a perfect man) and her lover (an imperfect man)"—Lincoln Square Studio Theatre, New York, 6 January 1999; John Houseman’s Studio Theatre, New York 25-27 July 2000, producer Love Creek/Le Wilhelm; FirstStage in Hollywood 27 April 2003. 

Blue Lady—"A sculpture of a man’s dead wife comes to life and offers him a second chance"—Lincoln Square Studio Theatre, New York, 6 January 1999. 

Mercedes Orange—"How a woman turns orange and finds true happiness"—Lincoln Square Studio Theatre, New York, 17 February 1999; Salt and Pepper Mime home studio, New York, 5 May 1999; FirstStage, Hollywood, 27 April 2004. 

Three Laughs—"Having a name like Fartmore can be good for you!"—Salt and Pepper Mime, New York, 26 May 1999;  FirstStage, 3 May 2004. 

Just Looking—"Shopping your way to orgasm"—FirstStage, April 2002. 

Chocolate and Champagne—"A Beverly Hills woman wakes up middle aged and finds her life with a younger man undignified"—Creative Place Theatre, New York, 23-28 November 2002, produced Le Wilhelm, directed Tony White. 

Not Taking Taking Yourself Seriously Seriously—"A little girl steers her mother to the right husband by mastering the black arts"—FirstStage, Hollywood, 12 January 2004;  represented in Europe by Anco Entertainment. 

Love without Kissing (Or How to Make It in Hollywood)—"When an aspiring actress’s face is destroyed she goes veiled and becomes a writer, a director, a producer…"— Anco Entertainment. 

Sexophobia, A Musical Comedy about Being Young and Afraid of Love—"Her nightmare about men, his nightmare about women—then they switch."—Anco Entertainment; translated into Turkish.

PRESENTER / NARRATOR: The Seven Sages of Antiquity 

SERIES (as producer): Bunny Poo Salad  

I’m at, Greek mobile +30 6949 786 443, Land +30 210 725 1596, Skype bomac007.

Call me and we’ll kick it around.

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