Total Moisture—the movie

On the French Riviera: Toby travels with a woman who pays. He's got it made, except that her nine-year-old daughter is smarter than he is.  Based on the novel:
Lazy, good-for-nothing, pleasure-loving Toby, in flight from his creditors in America, has tried it as an English-teacher in Paris ("know-your-words sort of thing") and as a tour guide in Italy and Greece ("It doesn't really matter what actually happened, if they think they've had a good time it's the same thing.  I pretty well deal in illusion."),
and now has relaxed into the good life, traveling with rich bubblehead Marcie—
—to Bali, Hydra, Puerto Vallerta, wherever he can avoid cold weather and alarm clocks.  Marcie is the widow of a scientific genius, now dead in some wacko experiment, and her nine-year-old daughter by him, Andrea, thinks in megabytes.
And there's the rub: "Marcie is no smarter than anybody else; the child is smarter than anybody else."  Including Toby, who she treats as her yo-yo.  She'd have got rid of him long ago but her mommy loves him, so she keeps him around toplay with. 

Proposed cast: Tom Wilkinson
Marcie’s father-in-law, billionaire Hazelton Turnbull “Hard Turd” Harding IV, loathes Toby, and loathes giving Marcie her allowance to feed him.  But he loves his little granddaughter, and there lies the control.
Now Haze has summoned Marcie and Andrea to Cannes, so they can pose as a family while he has himself adopted by a Belgian count to gain the title—and pass it on to Andrea.

Proposed cast: Helen Mirren
But the Countess only has eyes for Toby.

Total Moisture is part of the Toby series:

 Pretentious Pictures presents a summer comedy. 

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