Pretentious Pictures Presents:

A London Gangster Thriller
with a Metaphysical Touch

Up here without a chute?  Having a bad day?
When the guy in the mirror starts talking back, you know you're in trouble.

Mase's reflection assumes a life of its own and bosses him around.  That's his daemon acting up.  Your "daemon" is your guardian spirit, your better self—you, and not you.  Mase didn't know he had a daemon—
he was bluffing Dabney's New Age grandmother so he could get closer to Dabney.  Dabney's a girl he fell in love with on the plane.

Proposed: Daisy Edgar-Jones (Dabney)
An awkward seat arrangement and a bump caused them to kiss accidentally and she tried to have him arrested.

Then in customs he put her bag on his cart as if they were "together" and the officers found a strap-on dildo in his for smuggling ecstasy.  They didn't even touch it.

Proposed: Nick Frost (Fat Guy)
Fat Guy (that's his name) was on the plane with them and now follows them as they exit arrivals—a narc, no questionso since Dabney and Mase are "together" they have to take the same cab, and in front of her place her mother Lois tries to flirt with him.

Proposed: Silvana Maimone
Lois brings him inside where he meets Dabney's grandmother Sally.  Sally is refined, more like Dabney, but she's hooked on mysticism

Proposed: Brenda Blethyn (Sally)
and Mase, to get rid of Lois, flirts with her.  His daemon tells him things, he says, just stringing her along, but she buys it.

She takes him to a casino and, guided by his tips, wins so muchhe's as shocked as she isthat she has a heart attack and dies; which upsets his boss the casino-owner, to say nothing of Dabney.

Proposed: Tim Roth ("Boss" Bart Blakeney)
Bart's sadistic temper is aggravated by hemorrhoids that keep him screaming and glued to the toilet, and make him hard for his thugs to talk to, let alone Mase.  When Lois comes to pick up her mother's winnings she "falls in love" with Bart (she likes falling in love), and he can't think of enough mean things to do to her.
Now Mase's actual daemon does appear and starts talking to him from the mirror—from every reflective surface he passes, following him around nagging him, arguing with him, warning him—and yes, things get worse.

Bart’s thugs are after him, and when Fat Guy dies chasing him, though Mase does his best to save him, the cops get interested.  And Mase’s X-rays—his doctor doesn't know how to tell him.  All he needs now is a falling lift, and that happens too.

Then Dabney is kidnapped.

And Mase is thrown out of a plane without a chute.
How's he going to get out of this?
Pretentious pictures presents
A London Gangster Thriller
with a Metaphysical Touch

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