Pretentious Pictures Presents:


a highly successful

lady of intimacy

Reg’d © Library of Congress
What do these people have in common?
an irresistable lady of the evening with dignity, business sense and—what shall we call it?—class. Superior to every possible circimstance. For sale but out of reach.
She's so beautiful, so refined, so aloof that her clients fall in love with her. Who can blame them?
She's making a pile with American businessmen—who introduce her to presidents and global celebrities—who fall for her too. 

Her passion for independence only inflames them—the former president wants to divorce his wife and 
marry her!—but she is resolutely herself.
Professional cool is the secret of her success, and the allure that enslaves powerful men. One of them wants to—"experiment" with her. All part of the job.
Cops, pimps, hookers, judges, prison guards, psychiatrists, politicians—there isn’t much she can’t deal with. 

And when she winds up in the Oval Office guiding a failing president… 
Pretentious pictures presents
A highly successful
lady of intimacy
Reg’d © Library of Congress


Robert Redford
James Murray
Teresa Barnwell
Ylong Ma
Erik Stocklin
Laurence Fox
Kevin Dalton
And Linda?

Robert MacLean is an independent filmmaker. His recent The Light Touch is on Amazon PrimeTubi and Scanbox, and his 7-minute comedy is an out-loud laugh. He is also a novelist, a playwright, a blogger, a YouTuber, a film reviewer, a literary critic, and a stand-up comic poet. Born Toronto, PhD McGill, taught at Canadian universities, too cold, live Greece, Irish citizen. No brains, but an intellectual snob.

I was beastly but never coarse. A high-class sort of heel.

The Light Touch on Amazon Prime

The Natural Wish to Be Robert MacLean

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